What is work permit?

Work permit, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and alien form of an official document within the validity period of the permit granting the right to work and reside in Turkey.

According to the International Labor Act No. 6735, Turkey is a party to bilateral or multilateral agreements Unless otherwise provided in, Foreigners must obtain permission before starting work dependently or independently in Turkey.
foreign nationals to obtain a work permit in Turkey, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security or other relevant institutions to itself the right to work and residence permits that must obtain the document.

What is a work permit and how is it obtained?

The work permit application process can be started online. Our company carries out the application processes with the authorization given to it.
Applications are evaluated by the Ministry of Labor and the process is followed by our company from the beginning to the end. Continuation and conclusion of the process is monitored and managed through the system.
The information and documents in the form filled in for the application affect the whole course of your application and it is very important that it is filled in the most transparent and correct way. Otherwise, the information is entered incorrectly can lead to negative consequences your application causes a person’s inability to come to Turkey.
Tourist visas or persons who have come to Turkey to carry a work visa and other foreigners without a residence permit cannot apply for a work permit in this country. You can also apply through an authorized intermediary.
Foreigners who have a work permit can apply for a work permit from 60 days before the expiration of the work permit and in any case before the expiration of the work permit. Programs completed after these courses will not be accepted.
If there is no information or documents in the programs, a deadline of up to 30 days can be set. This period can be extended only if an official states that there is a force majeure. If the deficiencies are not remedied during the renewal period, the application will be rejected. If the permit application is done correctly and there are no deficiencies in the information and documents, it will be completed within 30 days.
Work permit by the employment of foreign nationals in Turkey is legally entitles them to generate revenue. Turkey every year in this way provides employment to thousands of people in the door; and individuals from both Turkey benefits from this situation.


Temporary Work Permit

After the work permit application is evaluated, if it is deemed appropriate to issue a work permit, the first work permit is granted for a maximum of one year, provided that it does not exceed the employment or service contract. We call this type of permit a temporary work permit.
Indefinite Work Permit

Türkiye’de uzun dönem ikamet izni ,veya en az sekiz yıl kanuni çalışma izni olan yabancıların başvurabildiği çalışma iznidir.
Independent Work Permit
Turkey will work in their own name and account professionals foreigners can work in getting authorization to work independently. In granting independent work permit; The educational level of foreign, professional experience, science and technology contribution of the operations in Turkey or investing in the country’s economy and employment impact of the foreign capital share becomes effective partner companies.

Turquoise Card
Turquoise card; Those who have internationally recognized studies in the academic field, those who stand out in a field that is considered strategic for our country in science, industry and technology, or those who contribute or are expected to contribute to the national economy in terms of export, employment or investment capacity, and those who are considered qualified foreigners. The first three years in the turquoise card application are the transition period. If the conditions are favorable at the end of this period, the transition period ends and the permanent leave period begins.


a portion of the requirement to obtain work permits to foreigners in Turkey will be charged.
1-foreign diplomatic and consular missions of the units attached to schools operate in Turkey, officials in the foreign cultural institutions and religious institutions,
2-diplomatic staff of foreign diplomatic missions and consular offices in Turkey, a member of the consular officer, a member of the administrative and technical staff and consular,
3-in Turkey in international organizations and international civil servants serving as administrative and technical staff working in the special services of a foreign person,
Except for these persons, regulations are also reserved for other foreign nationals.


Reference may be made both through the work permit Turkey abroad. aplicants can directly apply to the Ministry of family, Labor and Social Services, while abroad, the citizens of the Republic of Turkey in foreign countries where it is or can be legally found to be forwarded to the Ministry to the embassy or consulate.
But foreigners continued validity of at least 6 months term residence permit, work permit applications can be made in Turkey if the domestic applicants.


  • Employment contract signed by the employer and the foreigner
  • Passport copy.
  • Copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate with Turkish translation certified by a sworn translator or official authorities.
  • The organization’s most recent capital and shareholding structure showing the Turkey Trade Registry Gazette.
  • Balance sheet and profit / loss statement for the last year, approved by the tax office or certified public accountant.


The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services does not grant a work permit when it determines the existence of one or more of the following issues in the evaluation to be made after receiving the applications made directly or through foreign representative offices;

a) Does not comply with the international labor policy,
b) Made with false or misleading information and documents,
c) The reasons for employing foreigners are not found sufficient,
ç) Made for jobs and professions reserved for Turkish citizens in other laws,
d) Relating to foreigners who are understood not to have the necessary qualifications and expertise,
e) Do not meet the evaluation criteria determined by the Ministry,
f) Related to foreigners, who are notified by the Ministry of Interior to be covered by Articles 7, 15 and 54 of Law No. 6458,
g) Public order, which cause inconveniences for foreigners working in Turkey in terms of public security or public health,
i) be the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs except in the case, for citizens of countries that have diplomatic relations with the Republic of Turkey does not recognize or,
h) Not made within the legal period or whose deficiencies were not completed,
applications are rejected.

As ŞAHİN GROUP COMPANIES, in the transactions related to Work Permit;

Our company regarding work permit; work permits of foreigners planned to be employed in Turkey, making the extension of work permit applications, its customers and finalizing the follow-up gives the most accurate and reliable service. In addition, the family residence permit to obtain work permits to persons filing of his wife and children in Turkey, as in all transactions and take appropriate follow-up and finalization of the study.

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