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What is a residence permit?

Residence permit; Turkey visa or visa exemption period of the deadline from or ninety days, more remains to permit obliged to take foreign niteler.b allow, beside the legal right to remain during the period of validity, at border crossings replaces visa is accepted as the basis for official action.

Is it possible to be exempt from residence permit?

Yes, there is no obligation to obtain a residence permit for some foreigners. These foreigners (YUKK, md.20) are arranged as follows;
a) Those who come with or without a visa for up to ninety days, during the visa period or visa exemption
b) Holders of Stateless Person Identification Document
c) consular officers and diplomatic officials in Turkey
d) The diplomatic and consular officials from the families of officers who reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey
d) working in the offices of international organizations in Turkey and status are determined by agreements
e) held a residence permit are exempt from the agreements of the Republic of Turkey.
f) Those who are within the scope of article 28 of Law No.5901
Other regulations of the same law are reserved.
Foreigners in these conditions may be exempted from residence permit.
Is it possible to apply for a residence permit from abroad?
Of course, it is possible and made to the consulates in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legally resided.

How to apply for a residence permit from within the country?

Receiving residence permit applications from within the country is among the applications within the scope of exemption in the YUKK.
That is to say;
a) In decisions or requests of judicial or administrative authorities
b) the foreigner’s departure from Turkey where it is not possible or reasonable
c) Long term residence permits
ç) In student residence permits
d) In humanitarian residence permits
e) Victim of human trafficking in residence permits
f) In the transition from family residence permit to short-term residence permit
g) mother or father with a residence permit in Turkey can apply the application also for children born in Turkey.
ğ) In applications to obtain a residence permit suitable for the new purpose of stay due to the expiration or change of the reason for granting a valid residence permit.
h) In residence permit applications to be made within the scope of the second paragraph of Article 20
i) In the completion of higher education in Turkey, transition to short-term residence permit.
In the cases of the above conditions, residence permits can say that it could be made possible through the application of Turkey.

NOTE: What We Need To Know About Residence Permit Applications


It is very important to know which documents are required for residence permit applications and to be able to provide correct documents, and applications made with incomplete or incorrect documents may be rejected. We have arranged the common documents required for residence permit applications below. These documents are the documents you must provide, regardless of the process in residence permit applications.

  • Residence Permit Application Form (must be signed by the foreign and / or legal representative)
  • Original and photocopy of passport or travel document (identity information and page with photo and processed pages)
  • Four (4) photographs (taken within the last 6 months, with a white background and biometric. Do not upload family photographs, selfies, photographs that make it difficult to recognize, out of date or black and white photographs, otherwise the residence permit will not be issued!)
  • Declaration of sufficient and regular financial means during the stay (It is declared in the Application Form. The administration may request a supporting document.)
  • Valid health insurance


The path to follow in the application for residence permits is in 3 steps and is as follows;
1-Online Application Through the Official Site of the Immigration Administration

2-Taking an Appointment Date for the Result of Online Application

3-Going to the Appointment Date with the Required Documents and Completing the Application Process


Residence permit extension applications are possible and can be made from sixty days before the expiry of the residence permit and in any case before the residence permit expires.


Making a residence permit application does not mean that the application will be accepted. The Provincial Migration Management has discretion in evaluating applications. The denial of the residence permit request, non-extension or cancellation of the permit shall be notified to the foreigner or his legal representative or his lawyer. The notification also includes how the foreigner can effectively exercise his right of objection against the decision and other legal rights and obligations in this process. In addition, if the residence permit application is rejected, the application cannot be made for the same stay within 6 months. If your legal period continues, you can apply for a different stay.

What are the Types of Residence Permits?


Short-term residence permits have been arranged in Articles 31 to 33 of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection. In addition, short-term residence permits have been arranged in the 28th and 29th articles of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

Who are foreigners who can get a short term residence permit?

1-Foreigners coming for scientific research
2-Foreigners who immovable property in Turkey
3-Foreigners who will establish a business connection or business
4-Foreigners who will participate in the in-service training program
5-Turkey agreements of the Republic or the foreigners coming for educational or similar purposes in the framework of student exchange programs
6-Foreigners coming for tourism purposes
7-Foreigners who will receive treatment provided that they do not have one of the diseases considered as a threat to public health
8-depending on the demands and decisions of the judicial or administrative authorities should remain foreigners in Turkey
9-Foreigners who will apply for a short-term residence permit if the family residence permit conditions are lost
10-Foreigners who will attend Turkish learning courses
11 in Turkey through public-education institutions, research, foreigners who participate in internships and courses
12-foreigners who applied within 6 months from the date of completing the graduation of higher education in Turkey
13-Foreigners who are TRNC citizens

What are the short term residence permit conditions?

1-There are a number of conditions in order to obtain a short-term residence permit. These conditions, respectively;
2-supportive information and to submit relevant documents in order to stay in Turkey
3-Not falling within the scope of article 7 of the relevant law
4-To have accommodation conditions in accordance with general health and safety standards
5-If necessary, to submit a document showing the criminal record from the country of citizenship
6-will give the residing address in turkey


Family residence permits have been arranged in Articles 34 to 37 of Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection. In addition, family residence permits have been arranged in Articles 30 to 34 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

Who are foreign nationals who can obtain a family residence permit?

Family residence permit is a special type of residence permit and is a type of residence permit that only foreign nationals who meet certain conditions can apply and obtain.
Turkish citizens, those who are within the scope of Article 28 of Law No.5901 or foreigners and holders of secondary protection status who have one of their residence permits;
-to foreign spouse
– to his or his spouse’s minor foreign child
– dependent foreign child of himself or his spouse
family residence permit can be issued.

What are the conditions for a family residence permit?

Unlike other residence permits, there is a supportive person in family residence permits. In short, supportive means the person who provides financial and moral support to the people who will receive a family residence permit and acts as the head of the family.
If we come to the terms of the family residence permit;
– Meeting the conditions sought in the sponsor
– To meet the conditions sought in those who request family residence permit of the persons who will stay with the sponsor
You can contact us for detailed information about these terms and other terms.


Student residence permits have been arranged in Articles 38 to 41 of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection. In addition, student residence permits have been arranged in Articles 35 to 39 of the Regulation on the Implementation of Foreigners and International Protection Law.

Who are foreign nationals who can obtain a student residence permit?

Foreigners who will receive primary and secondary education without family residence permit
-Student residence permit can be issued to foreigners who will study in a higher education institution in our country at the levels of master degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate, Specialty Education in Medicine, Specialization in Dentistry.


Long-term residence permits have been arranged in Articles 42 to 45 of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection. In addition, long-term residence permits have been arranged in Articles 40 to 43 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

Who are foreign nationals who can obtain a long-term residence permit?

Which remained uninterrupted in Turkey is at least 8 years courtesy to foreigners resident or meets the conditions set by the Ministry, will be granted permanent residence by the governor with the approval of the Ministry.
– Refugee, conditional refugee and subsidiary protection status holders, humanitarian residence permit holders and those under temporary protection may be granted the right to transition to a long-term residence permit.

What are the conditions for a long term residence permit?

Uninterruptible courtesy of residence for at least eight years they have lived in Turkey
– Not receiving social assistance in the last three years
-Have sufficient and regular income to support himself or his family, if any
-Have valid health insurance
– Not posing a threat to public order or public security

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