What is DEPORT?

It is the fact that a foreigner whose deportation decision is made to exit to her own country, to the country of transit or to a third country.
It is the fact that a foreigner who has a deportation decision is made to exit to his own country, to the country of transit or to a third country.

Yabancı veya yasal temsilcisi ya da avukatı, sınır dışı etme kararına karşı, kararın tebliğinden itibaren on beş gün içinde bu konuya bakmak üzere yetkilendirilmiş idare mahkemesine müracaat edebilir.
Yabancının rızası saklı kalmak kaydıyla, dava açma süresi içinde veya yargı yoluna müracaat edilmesi hâlinde yargılama sonuçlanıncaya kadar yabancı sınır dışı edilmez.

What are the Reasons for Foreigners to be Deported?

In accordance with the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458, foreigners who have been given a deportation decision can be deported to their country of nationality or to a different country. The authorities authorized to take deportation decisions about foreigners are the governorships and Provincial Immigration Administrations.

(1) Deportation decision is taken for the foreigners listed below:
a) Those who are considered to be expelled within the scope of Article 59 of Law No. 5237
b) Those who are directors, members, supporters of a terrorist organization, or director, member or supporter of a crime organization for profit
c) entry into Turkey, visas and residence permits for the transactions made using untrue information and false documents
d) During his time in Turkey that provide the livelihoods of legitimate non-road
d) Those who pose a threat to public order or public security or public health
e) Those whose visa or visa exemption period exceeds ten days or whose visa is canceled
f) Those whose residence permits have been canceled
g) Those who have a residence permit and violate the residence permit for more than ten days without an acceptable justification after its expiry date
ğ) Those who are found to work without a work permit
h) violated legal provisions of the legal entry or exit Turkey Turkey or those who have attempted breach these provisions (1)

i) issue a ban on entry to Turkey who are determined to come to Turkey
i) the application for international protection is rejected, held in excluded from international protection, which are considered as unacceptable the applicant withdrew the application the applicant retracted counted, the right to stay in Turkey compared to the other provisions of this Act after the final decision given on the rights of those international conservation status expires or is canceled absent
j) application for extension of residence permit those rejected, those who do not exit from Turkey within ten days
k) (Annex: 3/10/2016-Decree-Law 676/36 art.; Accepted in kind: 1/2 / 2018-7070 / 31st art.) Those who are considered to be related to terrorist organizations defined by international institutions and organizations. (2) (Amended: 3/10/2016-Decree Law-676/36 art .; Accepted in kind: 1/2 / 2018-7070 / 31 art.) (B), (d) and (k) of the first paragraph of this article Deportation decision can be taken at every stage of international protection procedures for international protection applicants or international protection status holders who are considered to be within the scope of paragraphs.

How to Invalidate DEPORT? How is the penalty paid?

Foreigners who are banned from entering our country by applying the deport process can return to our country after the violation period expires. However, if they want to come to our country within the period they are banned, they have to carry out some procedures.
Taking a work permit in Turkey or the justified demands by offering a variety of outside tourist visas can perform this rollback, of course, but their details are available. These are Education, Getting Married, Trial of the Court, Buying real estate etc. possible with transactions.
Currently, work permit is one of the most used methods. A work permit in Turkey from abroad in a workplace determined bulunularak in the application, if approved, can point to our country again.

However, the person cannot make this application himself. The company or person to be tried next, must make an application on behalf of foreigners from Turkey.
The deport penalty is also calculated based on the day the foreigner is illegal in the country. As this may vary from person to person, the duration of the foreigner’s illegal stay in the country is the most important criterion in calculating this penalty.

Deportation (deportation) during the migration, depending on the reason, the entry restriction code may be processed for registration and starting from 5 months with this code within the time that may reach 5 years, indefinitely, in some cases, re-entry into the Republic of Turkey is refused . It is important to know the details of the restriction codes for querying and removing relay:

What is the restriction code and why is it set?

The reasons for talking about restriction codes differ with one another. Depending on the significance of the action taken, the limitation period varies. Generally speaking, the main reasons for the restriction code are as follows:

V-69 (Foreigners whose residence permit has been revoked
V-71 (foreigners who cannot be found at the address)
V-70 (Foreigners visiting marriage)
V-77 (Foreigners who apply in this way even though they are not Turkish citizens of Meskhetian)
V-84 (foreigners who enter within 10 days on the condition of obtaining a residence permit)
G-78 (foreigners with infectious diseases)
G-87 (Foreigners who pose a threat to public security)
O-113 (Turkey regarding illegal entry and departure of foreigners)
Ç-114 (foreign persons for whom legal action is being taken)
Ç-115 (foreigners have been released from prison)
Ç-116 (foreigners who endanger public health and morals)
Ç-117 (illegal foreign workers)
Ç-118 (foreigners whose residence permit has been revoked)
Ç-119 (in case the illegal employees do not pay the fine)
Ç-120 (Failure to pay fine for violation of visa or residency)
• Ç-135 (Foreigners and foreigners who work against international protection law)
Ç-136 (foreigners who do not pay travel expenses)
Ç-137 (foreigners have been invited to leave)
Ç-138 (INAD passenger / unauthorized traveler)
O-141 (Entry of Foreigners Subject to Ministerial Approval into Turkey)
(Foreigners wanted for smuggling) K.
N-99 (INTERPOL Code)
O-100 (unknown asylum seeker alive and banned from housing)
N-82 (foreign persons whose employment / entry code is based on a self-declaration)

Is it possible to appeal the deportation decision?

The decision to deport foreigners is made by the governor or the regional immigration department and the foreigner himself or his legal representative is notified. Against this ruler’s decision, the foreigner himself or his legal representative or attorney can submit an application to the administrative court with an objection to the deportation decision within 7 days.

If an application is submitted to the court, the foreigner cannot be deported until the case is over.

However, foreigners can be included in deportation even if an appeal is filed with the Administrative Court for foreigners for whom the deportation decision was made, for one of the following reasons.

1- In cases where the foreigner is a director, member, or supporter of a terrorist and (or) criminal organization,
2- In cases where the foreigner poses a threat to public security or public health,
3 – Foreigners who are found to be associated with the organization or persons designated as a terrorist organization by international organizations.

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