Our company provides guidance to companies wishing to trade in all the stages needed in Turkey.

It provides the consultancy services you need by determining the steps such as documents to be obtained, finding suitable markets and customers for the product, making the necessary agreements, obtaining permits, preparing the products and carrying out the shipment.


Import: The process of purchasing goods and services from a foreign country is called import. Import is the opposite of export.

Export: It is the sale of goods and services produced by individuals and organizations abroad. Export in its broadest sense is the sale of goods and services in free circulation within the borders of a country to other countries.


In order to be able to import, it must be a product to be purchased from abroad. Secondly, to carry out the recruitment process residing outside the Republic of Turkey, should a natural or legal person with tax number. In real persons T.C. ID number is enough to start importing.
Businesses that will import for the first time must first register with the Customs Administration.

To register with the Customs Administration;

  • Signature Circulars
  • Operating certificate
    Trade Registry Gazette
  • Tax liability letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • A copy of the identity card of the authorities is required.

After performing this process, you can start importing products according to the results you have obtained as a result of the market research.


In order to export, it must be a product that you can send abroad. Detailed field and market studies are carried out after this product is found. After these studies are done, you need to find a buyer for your product and make the necessary agreements.
After the customer is found, the contract is signed and other necessary documents are received. When the order is finalized, the export product becomes ready by the production / packaging / preparation of the export product.
The next step is to determine the way the products are sent abroad. It is agreed with the company that will carry the products and the loading is performed. In consultation with the Customs Consultancy firm, the documents under their responsibility are prepared by the exporter company, the shipping company, the customs firm. These documents are documents such as “Check List, Invoice, Bill of Lading, A.TR – EUR.1 – Certificate of Origin Free Movement Documents, Customs Declaration”.

Finally, the customs procedures of the exported product are made in the customs area and the export is made abroad.
The preparation of these papers and documents necessarily requires professional help.


Ranked in the top 3 products made in Turkey imports are natural gas, oil, automotive and electronics products. Our country, which imports natural gas and oil from Russia and Iran, brings automotive and spare parts from Germany, France and Italy.

Electronic products, especially electronic devices, communication tools, medical devices, also have an important place in the country’s import. China, Germany, USA, France and Italy are among the countries where most of Turkey’s imports of electronic products.


There are many points that you should pay attention to and take into account while trading. Some of these are as follows:

  • Turn to small-sized products in the product selection stage.
  • Choose products that are expensive and light in weight. You pay a higher shipping fee for heavier products.
  • The products should be relatively cheap products so that you can achieve a higher profit margin.
  • Try to find products that are never in the market and that are likely to be needed. A few years ago, who would have said that rings on the back of phone cases would be very fashionable. But this product, which attracted the attention of an importer, is now available to most phone users. If you think a little bit, many similar products that come to the market from time to time will come to your mind.
  • Try not to import seasonal products whenever possible. If you can’t sell it in the season, you can keep it in your hand and it may be outdated by the next season. While you want to make a profit, you may suffer a great loss.

After the product to be traded is determined, transactions such as the payment of taxes, obtaining the necessary permissions, payment of the storage fee are carried out within the framework of the legislation that this product is subject to, and the purchased products can be expected awaiting.


The import registration certificate is a document issued for importers who want to import textile and apparel products to register the information regarding their imports in the Registration Centers authorized by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade before import. The duration of the registration document is 60 days and this period cannot be extended.
It is obligatory that the importer registration document or the record in electronic environment be submitted by the importer to the relevant customs office.
The import registration document application method and the required documents are quite detailed.


The import declaration is the declaration submitted to the customs administration over the quality and value of the goods during the customs procedures of the imported goods (based on the taxes to be paid). The taxes to be collected by the customs administration are collected over the import declaration values.

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