Company management and consulting

Setting up a company in Turkey has recently become a very popular investment. This part of the evaluation request from investors, in addition to the difficult economic conditions, many people turn to companies that establish residence in their country and obtain a work permit in Turkey.
Many investors are on the side of Turkey, the country that still claims to be very attractive investment opportunities.
There is a world of free trade agreements with Turkey in many countries. This becomes an important advantage, especially in the field of import and export, without the need to impose taxes on certain products.
Establishing a company in Turkey, and it also aims to open business doors to European countries. You can trade in Turkey and it will help companies in Turkey and all European countries.
The company to be established in Turkey can also overcome the limitations of real estate and land issues.
You will have a huge advantage if you invest with your company in businesses and regions encouraged by the government. Because this means that the state will provide you with a lot of help and incentives.
As a condition, they will require you to work with a foreign partner if you want to set up a company in an EU country. If Turkey does not have such a requirement.

No double standards in Turkey!

This is a very important situation. Because when someone opens foreign companies set up by locals in Turkey, he has equal rights with other companies.
Turkey is located at a bridge between Europe and Asia, it is on the transit route for many countries, and natural resources are preferred because it provides comfort in terms of agricultural diversity and tax system.
Who want to establish a company in Turkey and for individuals who want to invest in any field such as Shaheen Group companies; We provide services in many fields such as establishing a commercial company, registering and managing a commercial company, providing advisory services in potential legal disputes, as well as obtaining work permits for partners and managers of foreign companies.
In addition, we provide services to our business partners at all stages from start to finish, establish business contacts related to business opportunities and fields of work, conduct negotiations, and prepare contracts.

This investment is related to foreign citizens who want to invest in Turkey by providing all kinds of support and all types of transactions are executed on behalf of clients.

• To ensure that investors adhere to legal regulations and administrative procedures,
• To conduct an analysis by looking at investment expectations and risk limits for clients,
• Control of the market to successfully conclude the consultations.
Educating and guiding investors about capital market tools,
Ensure that clients choose the appropriate investment vehicles for their assets and budgets.
• Identify existing clients and communicate with them.
• To follow up on investment instruments and monitor current changes in order to define an effective way of working,
• Working to increase clients’ potentials and providing investment training.

When you contact our company about the area in which you want to invest, you can direct your investment in the most accurate way thanks to our expert advisors.

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